Here are links to some of my favorite sites


I try to buy local as much as I can.  Mountain Valley Seeds is a Salt Lake company.  When I can’t buy local these are the companies I order from. 

Tomato Growers Supply - The best selection of tomato and pepper seed I have found.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds - I order many of my extended season vegetable seeds here.  They have one of the better tool selections as well.

Nichols Garden Nursery - Very good selection of herb seeds

Ronniger Potato Farm - A western Colorado speciality potato seed grower.  Also produces onion seed and garlic.

Baker Creek Seeds - The largest selection of heirloom open pollinated varieties available

Processing Tools:

Corm cutters to remove corn from the cob for frozen or bottled corn.  We have purchased every corn cutter available in the stores and all of them failed.  Then we turned to the internet and this is the best we have found.  Made in America and the rivets don’t break out.  The cutter big option works very well for us.  It is called a Kernel Kutter and is available at  Here ia a youtube video of the corn cutter with a cutter bit in action.