Whetten Home Weather Station


The reason I built this weather station is so that I could have have very local accurate weather data to assist with my gardening.  I wanted to have the station automatically record data so it was necessary to connect it to a computer.  If I was going to connect it to a computer I might as well publish the data on the internet so that everyone in the neighborhood could benefit from the data as well.  The weather station is a wireless Davis Vantage Pro2.  it stated life as the basic Davis station.  Then I added a solar radiation sensor so I could measure the amount of received sunlight and calculate evapotranspiration.  I wanted to be able to monitor the temperature in the greenhouse and high tunnel so I added a soil moisture/temperature station which provided four temperature sensors and a leaf wetness station with two temperature sensors.  I did not install the soil moisture or leaf wetness sensors, I only wanted the temperature sensors on these stations.  I also added a remote temperature/humidity station.  In the greenhouse one temperature sensor measures the air temperature and the other measures the soil temperature on the plant propagation heating mat. In the high tunnel I have a sensor placed 4 inches deep in a growing bed about 12 inches from the edge of the tunnel.  I have one sensor placed 4 inches deep in the middle of the second bed which is about 5 feet from the edge of the tunnel.  Another sensor is placed 8 inches above the soil in the walk way between the two outside beds so it is in the middle of the low tunnel.  It measures the low tunnel air temperature.  A temperature/humidity station measures the air temperature and humidity 5 feed above the soil level of the tunnel.  The last temperature sensor is placed 6 inches deep in the garden soil three feet to the south of the high tunnel. 

Historical Notes:

04-Mar-2012: I installed Wall O Waters in the tunnel on 03-Mar-2012.  The following day I moved the low tunnel air sensor to the inside of one of the Wall O Waters with the sensor about 10 inches off the ground.  The inside bed sensor was moved to the soil under the Wall O Water. 

About My Weather Station

Station: Davis Vantage Pro 2 with added solar radiation sensor, soil temperature/moisture station, leaf wetness temperature station, and remote temperature and humidity station.  This is interfaced to an old Dell computer running Ubuntu Linux. 

Software: wview which is an open source product for Linux/Unix based computers

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